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Coping Skills for Grief After Losing a Pet

What Can I do when I'm hurting?

Coping skills can help us bear the range of emotions we are feeling so that our loss doesn’t entirely overwhelm us. These suggestions are aimed at providing comfort and agency as you continue through the grieving process. 🌿🤍


• Do something fulfilling to express your feelings - write, paint, put together a scrapbook, play a musical instrument.


• Volunteer your time or donate to your favorite organization in honor of your pet.


• Incorporate meaningful items such as photos, videos, and your pet’s belongings (their collar, favorite toy, or blanket) into your daily life.


• Keep a journal of your grief experience, thoughts, poems, and remembrances.


• Set up a small special space in your home where you can reflect on your memories and light a candle.

Suggestions from Dr. Katie Lawlor


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