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Dr. Monica Tarantino (vet) 

Dr. Lisa Lippman (vet)

With special thanks to our advisor
Dr. Katie Lawlor (Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology)

PLC was started after we saw just how much people hurt after losing a pet... yet they had nowhere to go.

Hi Friends,


Welcome to PLC. 


Our names are Dr. Lisa Lippman and Dr. Monica Tarantino and we started Pet Loss Community in 2021 after seeing just how isolated and alone pet parents across the country feel after losing a pet. 

Losing a pet is devastating, yet so many pet parents feel isolated as they process this grief.  

We're determined to change that. 


We created Pet Loss Community to be a place where pet parents who are struggling with loss and grief can find support, encouragement and a way through their pain.  If you have lost a pet or are anticipating this loss in the future, we would be honored if you would join us in this community.  We are here to show you that you are never alone.

With Gratitude,

Dr. Lippman and Dr. Tarantino

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