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Group Support


Use code 50OFF for 50% off your first month of group support.

Group Support Dates Jun - Dec 2023
our groups are typically held twice a month on Tuesdays and Thursdays.



Tuesday, June 6 (Leslie) at 7:30pm EST

Thursday, June 22 (Fernando) at 7:30pm EST


Tuesday, July 11 (Leslie) at 7:30pm EST

Thursday, July 27 (Fernando) at 7:30pm EST


Tuesday, August 8 (Leslie) at 7:30pm EST

Thursday, August 24 (Fernando) at 7:30pm EST


Tuesday, September 12 (Leslie) at 7:30pm EST

Thursday, September 21 (Fernando) at 7:30pm EST


Tuesday, October 10 (Leslie) at 7:30pm EST

Thursday, October 26 (Fernando) at 7:30pm EST


Tuesday, November 7 (Leslie) at 7:30pm EST

Thursday, Nov 16 (Fernando) at 7:30pm EST

Monday, Nov 27 (Fernando) at 7:30pm EST


Tuesday, December 5 (Leslie) at 7:30pm EST

Tuesday, Dec 19 (Leslie)at 7:30pm EST

Thursday, Dec 28 (Fernando) at 7:30pm EST

Led by mental health professionals, our bimonthly group support sessions are the perfect place to share your story and meet like-minded pet parents. We also have coping skill workshops throughout the year which are published in emails for members.

Is a PLC group support right for me?

We have an amazing community of pet parents and group leaders who are some of the kindest and most thoughtful people we know.  Every online group is led by a master's level pet loss specialist and our groups are typically between 4-13 people depending on the need that week.  The group leader creates a space where members can share their current struggles, feelings, wins and losses all within in a safe environment surrounded by people who get it. Members who do not quite feel ready to share, can simply listen during a session as we try to create a safe space no matter where you are in your grief journey. By helping others cope with the grief of losing a beloved pet, members of a support group strengthen and empower themselves and one another.  Many of our members have been with us for 6-12 months because of how special our community is.


Use code 50OFF for 50% off your first month of group support.

How much is group support?

Our group support is $39/month for 2 group support sessions per month plus periodic coping skill webinars (to teach you how to maage difficult situations around grief that can come up in our personal lives when grieving). It can be cancelled anytime.  Our groups are run by master's level professionals who have direct training or experience in pet loss support.  We run it on a subscription because most pet parents prefer to stay with us for months, even over a year.  We have been told this also helps them prioritize 'facing' their grief and feelings and their mental health which many of us are prone to not doing. In fact, many of our clients stay on for 6 months or longer to help them get the support they need through the loss of a pet. For folks that are signing up for the first time, you can use 50OFF for 50% off your first month with us.


Use code 50OFF for 50% off your first month of group support.


"When Wilbur died, I was caught off guard by how grief-stricken I was, and by how little my friends and family understood the depth of my sadness. It was incredible to share my story with people who really "got me"

"Leslie was amazing!  Her presence was so comforting, and hearing others share their stories made me realize I wasn't alone"

"Lola's diagnosis really hit us hard. Even though she is still with us, we were already grieving and anxious about the future. We learned this was called "anticipatory grief". The other group members made us feel so welcome"

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